CRP 13+
Podpora vzdělávání doktorandů a kariérního
růstu post-doktorandů, 2016


Practical seminar for PhD students: LC/MS/MS data processing using Thermo Xcalibur software.
Time and date: 9.00 on 5th of October 2016

Place: meeting room 01026, building A, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Zatisi 728, Vodnany

Presenter: Ganna Fedorova

Registration: Registration by e-mail: until 28.09.2016.

Participants will learn how to work with LC/MS/MS data using Xcalibur 3.1 software. All steps starting with quantification method development and finishing with calculation of concentrations will be explained. Calculation of pharmaceutical concentrations in environmental samples will be given as an example. There will be an option to process a test data batch by themselves.

Approx.. length – 4 hours (2 hours before lunch break and two after). Suitable for 5-7 participants. Each participant should preferably have laptop with installed Xcalibur software. Language: English.

Pozvánka ke stažení (pdf) zde.